WhAtS pOpPiNg ThIcKy MoUsE


Hey there I’m nick. I am the #1 sayori fan! I love sayori!❤️. If somebody sends you the blue heart instead of red one. It’s friendzone ( why do I exist ). @computer123 is awesome. I use @plotagon. Check out @planetguartetisback (she is my girlfriend) 😢. Check out my self asteam captain @amyl. I’m a meme lord, blues clues fan, and so much more. @LJCfan18 is a nice person. I’m 10% loli 100% sayori and 20% Doki Doki literature club and 20% baldi’s bacics 50% Natsuki 7% Monika And 9% Yuri. §T0p ¥0U $@Y0R/ H@TErs. G3T 0UT. §T0P Mÿ M/sErY. Śtòp |T. 😷😷😷😷. I like the fnaf song ‘look at me now’. Food. Drink your milk🥛. I amnt the gabgogabgolab. @baystorm365 is also blessed with memes just like @computer123. @doodius is gr8. My proudest achievement is #lockdrowned. @imaloon is cool too. I am badly depressed. Follow @lazylogan, @felix-3674, and @fanboy.grodan. Check out my old account @morphoknight2_0 for better content. Follow (one of) my idol(s) @PlotagonFanatic. Go follow @plotagonsupport
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