Hello everyone!!!! My name is Sadie and I am 11 years old. My friend Mia introduced Plotagon to me and I enjoy it very much!! Are you new?? Well if you are... welcome to plotagon!!! Were a world of stories and friends is all you can ask for!!! I believe plotagon is a great way to relax, animate, and talk with friends!! Some of my other friends have plotagon too!! Including @MEOWcat2, @Seahorselover21, @DogFace65, and @BulbasaurDork!! Most of my plots are meant to be funny and some you might not understand. I am a very humorous person and I love making people laugh!! Also, if I hear and bad words in anyone’s plots, comments, plot titles, or username, you will be blocked and reported. I hate bad words and just to let you know, none of my plots will ever contain bad language. Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH to all my followers for supporting me! OMG one hundred followers!!! Can we get 150?? I wish you a great day, and Happy plotting!!
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