Hi my name's Katie!!! I'm a 15 year old from Simi Valley, CA. I joined Plotagon because I like to share stories that I've heard or actually experienced. I have been writing my own fictional "books" since I was eight and I enjoy writing in my diary once in a while. I also love to sing and perform on stage. Family, friends and my dogs Maggie and Kiki are my foundation that I'd never be able to live without. I hope you enjoy my channel! I joined Plotagon November 2, 2017. My birthday is December 22! Current Series: #MysticFalls ??? Cancelled/Finished Series: #roommates Awesome plotters: @Rozeheal @JacquelineM @PizzaandTacos @TheMaskedPlottress @Futurevet37 @XxLauraxX <-- plz follow them! Thx for watching!!! UPDATES: I'm back!!!! Roommates will be cancelled for now, and a new series will be replacing it in September. Mystic Falls will be continued until it's season finale, and then it's fate will be decided. I'm thrilled to be back to plotting!!! Thank you to all my followers who waited for me to come back ❤️ I'll try to catch up on everything I missed!!!
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