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Hey guys! I'm Karleigh! And I do luv making videos! I'm a metalhead, always have been, always will be! Music is my life! I luv animals ( especially cats ), I also luv to read, go on trips, explore new places and things, and singing and dancing! I am a very nice girl, just don't make me mad/ angry, all though I am very friendly! I'm VERY emotional and VERY sensitive! I am 15 years old! And I'm in 10th grade! Birthday: July 21 2001. If you wanna suscribe on my YouTube channel this is it: KittyLover118. No rude/mean, or mean people or comments! Or else ur commet will be deleted and you'll be BLOCKED! Single, and feel free to follow me and like my videos! Luv ALL my followers! That's all for now! Peace out! ✌️
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