I am an architect, graphic designer, part time video producer. I’ve traveled the world, lived many years in Europe. I’m gay, left-handed, and liberal. All of these are but a part of the mosaic of who I am. I’m interested in art and design in all its manifestations. I am intellectually curious and constantly open to new things and new ideas. I’m always learning something new. I found Plotagon to be a wonderfully fun way to visualize some of the crazy ideas floating around in my head. I am much more interested in QUALITY than quantity. I’m not interested in racking up the most posts or the most followers just to put them on the tote board. I follow plotters who I find intelligent, creative, or have an interesting and unique (usually adult voice). I’ve learned in Life everyone has a story, if you take time to listen. I am not a student, have not been for decades and my voice, my subject matter, my language is unapologetically adult. Some of my plots may not be PG 13, life is not always PG 13.
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