(Please Read My Description To The Full End) Activist, Feminist, Animal Lover, Autistic, Unicorn Lover Rainbows!! Yay!! 💚🌈💖 Hi I'm Hannah Personality:Bubbly,Bright,Social Butterfly,Hyper, Fun, I have three cats and one dog. I love to draw,read,sing,social media, dance, dressup, and play with my animals. My favorite food is Waffles And sweet is Cakes I am on a strict diet so I don't get to eat foods like everyone else does. I have to be on this diet all my life, I am a sensitive person so please don't make me cry. What I have 💛Autism 💜ADHD 💚Anger Issue's 💙Anxiety ❤OCD 🐼Depression 🌙Separation Anxiety 🐹Sensory Processing Disorder 🍋Social Anxiety 😊Social Awkwardness What They All Are ✨Autism is a social issue where you don't understand what people say and often say thing's you don't mean, Autism not only affects the brain but it affects the body too, Autism can range from: <---Low---->Medium---->High Low Functioning Medium Functioning High Functioning They don't understand expressions and are often targets for bullies. There is no cure, Just therapies, Occupational, Speech, And Social Skill's Often people who have Autism walk on their toe's resulting in their tendons to shorten making them have to do physical therapy. (Not all,) They also Stem, Arm Flapping, Pacing Back and forth, Twitching, Loud Annoying Noises, Humming, Singing, Eyebrow Raising, Jumping, Sticking Tongue Out, Chewing On thing's like straws, 🌟ADHD is an attention behavior disorder where you have trouble focusing and can't sit still, Which results into rude comments if your in public school. It can be helped with medicine and oils. And with people with ADHD you have to keep them very busy. 💫Anger Issues of course you know that, It can be helped with counseling,medicine, and oils. 💥Anxiety is very scary, Especially if your right there with that person experiencing it all. But to someone who has anxiety, Once their panic attack is over everything is fine. It's sort of like their stress reliever. It feels so good once it's over. Anxiety Attacks Can Include: Screaming, Crying, Hyperventilating, Cough-Crying Sometimes Spitting While Crying since you can't get enough air from your lungs and you feel like you can't breathe. Anxiety is a whole different level. It can be treated with medicine,oils,and counceling. For anxiety and Autism you want to have a daily schedule because they don't like not being informed about change, You want to minimize the changes you make, Don't overload them. Common Stress Relievers For Anxiety: Coloring Happy Thoughts Calm Music Talking About It Humming Drawing 💢Depression is not another word for sadness, It is way bigger than you think. It could be: Those uncomfortable feelings you get, Feeling like you need to cry but you can't, Fake smiling, Hopelessness, Depression can lead to suicide with some people if it's bad enough, I don't believe there is a cure for Anxiety Or Depression. You can only take medicine, oils, and do counseling. 💦OCD is a disorder where you want everything to be perfect and go your way. You can't reason with these people. They'll argue with you till' the sun comes up in the sky. Example: If you've ever watched "The Cat In The Hat", you'll see that the boss has a no touching policy and often sanitizes his hands way too much, That's a trait of O.C.D It's not just washing your hands or sanitizing them, It could be heading home because you thought you forgot to close your mascara tube. It could be double checking three times because you though you forgot to take your medicine. 💧Separation Anxiety is when you can't leave someone because you get really stressed. It's hard to overcome. You just have to cope with it. 🔥Sensory Processing Disorder is when you're very sensitive to sounds and other thing's. Taste Dirt- Sounds- Flashing Light's- Bright Light's- Itchy Clothes- Tags' Materials- Socks- Textures Of Certain Food's- Anything And Mostly Everything What I can't handle: Gluten Dairy Soy Artificial Flavors Preservatives Artifical Colors Artifical Sweeteners Wheat Lactose Butter Pantene Penicillin Suave >3
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