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Hey everyone this is Tyler and Suzy . The main people we like is @minvids and @trusst. We love making plots and follow @minvids and @trusst like @plotatrusstcollab and @t-girl and @MLG-Athan2016 @BFFEandS a nd @Peterit . And we love our followers plotsπŸ˜€we love plotagon so much happy ploting to you all FOLLOW4FOLLOW.we need more follows . And what you will find in our account are RANDOM and FUNNY plots made by yours truly @trusst and @minvids. Aka. Tyler and Suzy ;] we have a plot for #aboutme you should watch!are awesome at making plots you will love all of them! We love @gvn 2 and @melanielovesjohn @Tweetybird and @PlotagonFriends and @iAceFace, @cinderella5. @BFFEandS ❀️I will make a talk show .i hope you follower me I'll do a follower for a follower...Well bye and enjoy the plots..
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