🌹I like to make drama scenes and funny scenes. I also 💙💜Skittles. I make shout outs to people who like my plotting.I also make plots of bullying and things on plotagon that need to stop. Tell me any cyber bullying on here on the comments.🌹 Most times i can be funny or serious but mostly I'm too 😂 which sometimes makes me go Oof ~.Im from the south but my home town is Africa. I found Plotagon when i was searching for a app that would help me make animation then I saw PLOTAGON STORY. ever since then I've been making plots. 🌹~Thanks. Make sure to check out these people: @peanutcat1977 @lukesters@ {RIP @British_Unicorn}@HATE.ACCOUNTS.BE.STOPPED @Aliyah24610 @RACISM.BE.STOPPED @StopTheHate @Digital-Dessert @CherryBlossom2004 @wearJESUSwell @Smiley30 🌹 "IF we are scared of our fears,why can't our fears be scared of us?"-me I bet that made no sense because some of our fears are not a living thing...irdc ☆LaUgHiNg MaChInE ☆ ●Skittle monster● >>YA YEET<< *NON BULLYING here :)* I need to stop eding my bio XD {Joined 7 months ago} [Sorry if you don't find my YouTube channel *Elisea Bryant*]
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