TheBox w/DanPlays is a TV and Network that shows babytv from 5am-6am, Music from 6am-9am, TV Y(and G) programming from 9am-11am, Teletoon/Cartoon Network from 11am-5pm, TheBoxLive from 5pm-9pm, and Movies from 9pm-Midnight. Since it is the holiday season, We are called TheBoxmas. See if you get the joke. TheBox is operated by Cartoon Network. Any shows we air that belong to ABC is because we were operated by ABC from 2000-2009. DanPlays. DanPlays is a Programming block on TheBox that airs Mom shows, Dad shows, Teen shows, 80s/90s shows and shows for young adults from Midnight-4:45am. You also get to watch the creator of DanPlays, Daniel Gieshchröcëakrërr-Mortëza, play online games. TheBox on demand. TheBox on demand is a catchup site on our website. If you have SMARTTv and your Tv is connected to the internet, you will get TheBox on demand. This is split into two parts: a TheBox part and a DanPlays part. TheBox+. TheBox+ is a TheBox Network except it only shows TV-14 and TV-MA content. It is operated by Cartoon Network and MTV. It airs from 11pm-6am. Anyone under 14 DO NOT WATCH. Mouwednesthurfrisatsun Better known as 24/7/365, This network is actually a block on TheBox+ that airs from 8am-11pm. It only shows Teletoon/CN shows. Well now you know everything you could about TheBox! Follow us! Bye! (C) 2001-2009 ABC ©2009-2016 Cartoon Network
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