Ok yeah imma dino


I mean seriously I’m not an alien stop looking at me like that! Stop. I’m just a creative fan girl not an alien! Seriously stop asking I’m not an alien!! This is an alien!! —>. 👽 That’s obviously not me!! Wait... u didn’t ask?... oh. Anyways I’m a fan girl who likes broadway and gravity falls and junk like that 🤠🤯 I like writing and things that have to do with creativity. I joined Plotagon so I could write story’s and share them with the world, so I could get my big start in my passion to be a comedy/ broadway producer, writer, or director. I also like to act. Plz follow, and if you don’t that’s ok. YOU DO U!!! and eat cheese cake. It’s delicious.! But seriously I’m not an alien imma Dino.
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