Hi! My name is Adrianna and I’m 17 Years Old! I have a child that is 3 Years Old. Her name is Alexis. My nickname is DriDri (LOL). I have two full sisters: Hermione and Al’lysha. I have 2 halfsisters: Cassandra and Hortense. Follow my other channels: @NickiMinajYesTerriusThomasNo, @NickiMinajYesRemyMaNo, @PinkFridayProductions, @QueenTarantulaAnimations78 and @Black_Friday87. My Good Friend Il’lyadja: @FoxyBrownFanProductions2018. Block these assholes @MickJagger, @DampNationUTTP, @EvilTarantulaSeleneYesTarantulaSeleneNo and @Issac-It-animations. My favorite user: @StefieB. Old channels: @Black_BarbiesProductions2.0, @Tarantulistic_Barbie, and @Tarantulalism_Productions2.0. Pissed off VERY easily. Follow people like: @OwenFanatic1999, @Ryan3535, @CatBrownie, @GymnastCamilia, @DampNationFTWTarantula_TweenEDCPFTL, @Tarantula_Tween, @AkemiNako, @Hecateigasm_Productions91504, @CaillouFanatic1000, @CuteChihuahua_Girl, @Watso75e, @Ashtonimations, @StefieB, @BabyDaisyProductions_2008 (who is on a break) and others.
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