Hey everyone! I have missed Plotagon so much that I am back! I am 11 years old. I love animals, pets, family, friends, and fans! I make series' about random things. Follow: @livthepeanut19 @ratmeat @Fantsyqueen @Sunnysideover @RachelPositivity @Savannacakes @Jimmyswagger @Jimmerswagger @josiej8 and basically whoever I am following you can follow too if you want! DON'T FOLLOW: @L.Thom, @IAmUrMom @L.ThomPlotagon, @Doe404 @KatieDancer321 @manboi64360noscope420blazekit or, @coolkid47 he was rude in the comments @835689 I am on one of @Peanutcat1977 plots! Find it here: @832463 You follow me I'll follow you back! If I don't follow you right away or at all, don't stress. I'll make sure you get a follow. Unless you have a name with a curse word in it, if you hate animals, and if you have insulted me before. Those are the three reasons I wouldn't follow back. My goal for now is 400 fans/followers! My tok is: savannassmiley06 Youtube: Savanna's Vlog Channel. Snapchat: savannasmiley06 Fun Run: savannacakes06 Roblox: Prettygurl06 Minecraft (XBox Live Acc): BabyAliveLova My first plot!: @818682 Remember to Stay Positive! Thanks! (Help me get featured!) #animallover #featureme #featurethis #peaceforplotagon #followforfollow UPCOMING SERIES: Regretful Cheater (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ COMING BACK LATER: Teenage Love Stories!!!! Make sure to tap that follow button!!😊😊 status: I got glasses and they are purple!😊👓🕶 GOT INSTA!!!!!! GO FOLLOW US!! thesprinkleydonutshow !!!!
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