Hello! and welcome to my plot page and to Plotagon! My name is Roze and I enjoy helping out in anyway I can here in plotagon land! I am also one of the adults here that truly loves feeding that child within! Plotagon is one of the greatest apps out there! No other app gives you so many items free and or at very low prices! You can be creative, funny, serious and also make new buddies on this app! (As always, be careful and never give your personal address or phone number to anyone online anywhere!) You get to watch a variety of plots, some are like movies, others are short ones, and all are very good! with a ton of topics to choose from. My only rules in being my follower/friend are: Please don't "critique" my plots, I plot for FUN, not to be professional. A kind word if you like the plot is always appreciated though. I will not argue or fight with anyone, life is way to short to waste prescious time like that, so the first sign I see of drama or fighting, I'm gonna block. and lastly! Respect me and I sure will respect you also. I do watch a LOT of plots, I don't ever just click the like button and I leave a lot of comments. So you will have a pretty faithful follower in me :0)
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