My name is Reece , I’m 18 from the U.K. I’m British , probably too British (English) 😂 Iv been using Plotagon since 30/7/18 🎬 I love the app cause it gives me a chance to use my imagination and create what I hope are good and creative stories 📙 I don’t really have a certain type of catogary that I will do just what ever pops into my head. For example my recent plots The Divorce. My main goal is to please all you with what I hope are enjoyable plot. But also I’d love to Become a Featured Plotogonist and have my plots Staff Picked. I hope you guys like my stories and comment on my plots. Feel free to write anything you feel about my plots. I’m open to everyone thoughts and opinions to improve my plots. #funny #serious #series #sad #comedy #humour #Divorce
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