PLEASE READ! I have a new Series called "Space Channel 5" or "SC5" ! It's about this Sexy Reporter Saving Her Planet from Moralians Taking Over! Also Villians That try to join in or Destroy! With a Help of YOU! You will have to get your Dance Moves On For a Dance Battle All the Way From Saving Her Planet! CHARACTER; Ulala;The Sexy Repotter Pudding:The Sexy Reporter and Villan Rock Star Jaguar;The Space Savery Space Micheal;The Funky Smooth Criminal Dancer Roger;The Report Guide Fuiz;Ulala's 12 year old Brother and Sidekick Hulala;The Mother of Ulala and Fuiz Hulo;Father Of Ulala and Fuiz Miss Rachel;Teacher of Space Channel Five PrinicibalMark;Princibal Of space Channel 5 Purge;Ulala's Ultimate VillIan Evila;Ulala's Nemisis So I hope you Will enjoy it Yours Sincerely #TheOnlyMovieGalaxy
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