Arriving of the brothers 2018


Hi Guys! Kamusta! Hola! Welcome to My Channel! I'm a Filipino! My Name is John! And My full name is "John Vincent Mencias"! I'm 16 years old! I'm in Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines! I am now Grade 9 High School student! I've been on Plotagon for 2 years ago, May 2017! Just call me John or JV, or even I will call you in Filipino "Kuya"! I'm a HUGE fan of a Filipino celebrity Vice Ganda, a HUGE fan of badminton & Toronto Raptors from NBA team, a SEXIEST Egyptian fan of Tekken Zafina! My favorite trip is Canada and Mexico! My 3 new foster brothers & cousins: @CecTaylor2006 @NathanTheAnimator and @AidanAnimations will coming for studies and helping my house on November or even rescheduled in Cebu, Philippines too! We have all videos for Rosie, Dora, Undertale, and more! Gets grounded, versions, rant, updates and funny stuff & free stuff. Please Follow on my channel! And Please subscribe on my YouTube Channel: JohnAnimator231 Vyond Animations! Thank You! For all my user editors: @Plotagon @TeacherMuriel @Doodius @klas @bbhrupp @Queen-Of-Fun @Selnadeem @Lummer @CouchCast @Starwarsgirl108 @Flowerhailey @Tycoon_Master @AstralStarPictures @Peanutcat1977 @be_awsome @Ali_jawad @AnimatorCakes @PerfectFish @ThereIsNoPlotsHere @AidanAnimations @AgentBigBird @AmmiJui2k17 @MaliJui5393 @Jackster2511 @CameronStarYoshiCW and more. For all my grounded video users: @Victor_YT_Animations @AndrewRocks @DeGabrillaM2018 @GeoYesEvilBorisNo @GamerSplatoon59623 @CoolBoy5677 @Blueluigifan1Rules @Shamsundar1997 @StefieB @ErriBerri @CiananIrvine_1 @Benjami @SmythProductions @SamTV @DampAnimations @MayorZane @NathanTheAnimator @TheGroundedShow @RyanProductions @MLG-Roblox674 @ILovePugs-79 @OwenFanatic1999 @MatthewMendes2016 @ThePlotagonMaker @RoajahYesLuciusNo @TarantulaSelene9697 @Adam2017 @JasonStathamCaillouMinionsSonicBen2018 @BigGamesAnimations @Jessibe @SammyTheAnimator @JaketheAnimator @Bonniegamer2002 @CaillouGetsGrounded90000 @GamingFan2018 @BombGamer @ChrisGamer @KittyLover2005 & more. And those all bad/blocked users: @PeppaPigUTTP @Evil2017 @YourAngelica @StefieBSucks @TarantulaSelene9697UTTP @PenisBucket18 @FanboyGrodanYT @RoajahRukman2005 @Jakeanimates @J.Bwrites and more. For supporting haters like hacked/trolled/blocked in plots: @Plotagonsupport Get the all hashtags: #Rosie #Caillou #Daisy #Emily #Cody #Boris #Doris #Dora #Veena #Miguel #Abuela #Belly #David #Eric #Elsa #Anna #Frozen #Undertale #Uolliac #Arod #Christmas #Halloween #StPatricksDay #ValentinesDay #Easter #Summer #Plotagon Warning: Please don't block me! Or else, I will tell @PlotagonSupport (NOTICE: Plotagon Community will closed unitl January 2019) !Adios! !Paalam!
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