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Hello everyone! My name is Héctor Ismael Amézquita Ortiz, but you can call me, Hiauhs Amézqui, my main channel (@Hiauhs). I got 17 years old, and I am a Puertorrican. I hope that you guys love my videos that I made. And remember to let me know in the comments! The ones that I love their own plots and Best Friends are: @RearAdmiralVlaar, @BOOG, @Xtravaganza, @Tia_05, and @DaddyKinsss (@Daddy2Kinsss, his other channel). Also, the ones with their excitement with their plots or my Coolest Friends are: @TylerandSuzy, @WillRandallChannel, @Timwardo, @Cinderella5, @be_awesome, @TNMan, @Will_Smith, @karim201558, @Katleen.Briley, @FreshContent, @Rebbeca, and @RosieMay101. Here are my other friends who supported me on Plotagon: @Custodeworks, @ItsYourDudeAnthony, @FantsyQueen, @Kartik_Cool, @ColumbusDragons, @Colonel_Sanders, @Coolgamerboy2008, and @Yoda2390
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