The Gaming CornDog


Hello. I see your reading my description....😏 hello sexy viewers. I am The Gaming CornDog also known as FlutterGuy100. I’m just a normal girl who loves video games, Pennywise, and Creepypastas. My favorite is Cupcakes. Anyways, if you are reading this, well, Hoi. I also love Temmie. My hobbies include: Arts and Crafts, Drama classes, and Piano. My favorite movie is Inside Out and my favorite horror movie is IT 2017. Even though I’ve never seen it ;-;. I also liek memes. 🤪🤪🤪 THOMAS SANDERS!!! Deez Nuts HA GOT EEM. Anyways shoutout to @AnimatorCakes , @ThatRandomNarutoFan2007 @Doodius @Klas @Artemmie @CornZebra @FanboyGrodanYT and @AndrewTheGreat which idk where he is.... OH WELL! Stay sexy and remember: HI WELCOME TO CHILLIES! My Biggest fan and forever shoutout(s) is @QueenOfUnity. Daily Advice: Puberty is part of life so deal with it!!!!!
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