I’VE MOVED TO YOUTUBE! About me: Hello! I’m DBG Channel, I’m from the United States of America 🇺🇸 and I make films with Plotagon, and other stuff too... I’m the creator of HIP, and the Director of films like Lazytown: The Movie, Lazytown 2: Trashy’s Revenge, HIP: Evil Begins, Happy Wheels: The Movie (2017), Happy Wheels: Chaos Ensues, Happy Wheels 2: Virtual Madness and other films. You can go subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want, see you over there! :) My intent is to make sure to make the best videos/movies I can, or at least get a laugh out of my viewers. Oh! I also have a Happy Wheels Account called “DBGNetwork” if you want to play my levels and/or if you are a fan of Happy Wheels (which I am). My Friends: @Jackster2511 (Known on Youtube as “Jackster Does Plotagon”), @C-Boi, @Amyl.
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