Hi guys! I am a plot maker with a passion for drawing,sewing,ballet,and telling stories. I am a mega nerd; I love Star Wars, Pokemon, Professor Layton, Dungeons and Dragons, plus more! My spiritual brownie mix will be given to you if you do something nice for me. Current people in possession of Artemmie's Incredibly Rare Delicious Brownie Mix are @fluttershy100, @eyeballeateryt @writerdirector @starwarsgirl108 , @futurevet37 , @pizzaandtacos , and @supercreativedirector . Follow them! This is a mostly family friendly channel, and over here, Moon Spirits (that is my name for my followers) will always have to be nice, support everyone (LGBTQ is welcome) love everyone, and eat fish wings made by Wanda Lee. Join in on the true magic of Happy Land, hit that shiny follow button, and join our crazy clan. Become a proud Moon Spirit today! Also, we support furries, but if you are caught in Happy Land in a fur suit...bad things will have to happen....let's avoid that please
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