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My name is Alana I go to sterret I live in homewood my best friend name is buttercup1 And follow me and I'll follow you shoutout to my followers My favorite color is gold my favorite football team is the steelers I love sports I play soccer and tennis my plots are mostly about being helpful and hurt I am a christian and like my plots thank you.😍😋🤗😊 I live in Virginia I love to take test. My favorite subject is reading. I'm very athletic and I am very goofy and I like to eat pizza I'm skinny and I am A very good person and I am very hard to get and loves to read and I have a dog named buttercup and i love to 🎶 and if you watched Americas got talent my cousin was on the show. My favorite singer/rapper is MGK that stands for machine gun Kelly and new eddition yes I am a old because I ❤️ music so that all I got so goodbye 😜😋😂😍 and I will be appropriate on Plotagon.😀😀😀😀 and people may say I am spoiled but yea I am so thanks guys that's all I got bye haters 👍 Love ❤️ you to . (Blocked users : XXroxyXX Boo)
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